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Re: Bootstrapping cfengine.

From: Arnold Troeger
Subject: Re: Bootstrapping cfengine.
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 10:36:48 +0700

Katherine Morris wrote:
> I also use jumpstart for Solaris systems, and have a seperate methodology
> for that installation.  However, for systems already in production, I've
> just got a little tarball of the cfengine executables for different archs,
> and then a cfg script which kicks the whole thing off...
> The cfg script copies the correct binary into place, and then runs cfengine
> with the cfengine.init config and then again with the cf.update config.
> cfengine.init installs the basic system configurations for cfengine to work
> (I'm not using cfd, just cron BTW).
> cf.update installs the rest of everything needed for the system to continue
> through cron.
> -Katherine

Thank you all for your help on this.  Thank you as well for the
configuration examples.  OK, now to summarize my understanding.  The
machines I'm configuring are production database servers and have been
in production for a while.  They do not run NFS or NIS and they are to
be cfengine clients.  To set them up initially, I need to put the
cfengine binaries on the clients and get cfd running on them.  I gather
that the configurtion files need to be on the client machines as well,
so the first step is to get cfengine to syncronize the configuration
files with the cfengine server machine.  That should probably be a
separate script .  Once the configuration files are syncronized then I
can run the machine configuration files.  Have I missed anything?

Thank you again and best regards,

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