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problem in configuring cfengine on redhat 7.1.

From: Muhammad Taqi
Subject: problem in configuring cfengine on redhat 7.1.
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 03:19:35 -0800 (PST)

hi ,
my name is Faisal and i have a task to configure cfengine on redhat 7.1 .

i am working on cfengine2.0.a15
i first installed openssl-0.9.5 in /etc
nd then db-3.3.11 in /usr/local

and at the end cfengine-2.0.a15.

( the commands i follow to install cfengine are )

make check
make install

( it is in /cfengine dir )

well the problem is there is no cfengire file installed in my machine , i
dont no either we have to create cfengine file manually by any script.
according to docs , it supposed to be in /usr/local/gnu/cfengine !
but there is no file of this name in this machine , another thing is there
is no process running of the name cfengine or cfd

perhaps the cfd file is in /cfengine/cfengine-ver/bin/start-cfd

i am even not getting any message in starting this services

any help ( regarding how to generate cfengine file , is i am missing any
thing , how to start server ) will be appreciable

looking forward to you
best regards

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