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statically linked compile...

From: Andrew Mayhew
Subject: statically linked compile...
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 23:35:26 -0800
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Okay, maybe I've just been awake too long, but I would like to build
cfengine as a statically link set of binaries.  Passing -static as in LDFLAG
doesn't seem to do what I would expect and I'm otherwise stuck.

Has anyone else done this?
Oh, I should mention that I'm trying to build cfengine v2.0.a15 on a RedHat
machine (7.2).  The reason that I want to build cfengine statically is
because I have to maintain some older RedHat 6.2 machines which have an
older version of the Libc and other libraries, but I have no build
environment to build a special version of cfengine for that distribution.

If this is an RTFM momement, please point me to which FM :-)

Andy Mayhew <address@hidden>

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