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Re: statically linked compile...

From: Andrew Mayhew
Subject: Re: statically linked compile...
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 06:50:58 -0800
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Mostly operator head space errors.  But, once I finally got the LDFLAGS to
really pass on the -static, then it was a matter of not having all the static

To be honest, I didn't need all the libraries statically linked, just things
like BerkeleyDB and the Openssl libraries.  In other words, things that
would not be installed in a plain vanilla install.  The heart of the matter,
though, is that those 6.2 machines need to be reinstalled and brought up to
spec.  If cfengine were statically linked, you could do some real low level
os replacements (like upgrading from 6.2 to 7.2) without worrying about
killing the library the process needed.

Basically, it is one of these chicken and the egg kind of problems.  How do
you get cfengine on machines that are already out on the network without any
other management tools.  With the other part of the problem being that 1)
all machines in production up to this point are hand crafted, and 2) you
want to install as few bits a possible in order to be as sure as possible
that you will not break something existing.

As for being able to bring up a 6.2 machine to do the build, the reasources
are not available for such things.  Time and money are against me.  Since I
was attempting to lay down cfengine "real quick" to replace an ad-hoc
process (software release from development to production), I didn't have
time since I was told that I would be responsible for this hand off
Wednesday night for a Thursday handoff.  Hardware wise- there is less than no
money available to purchase.  

Thanks.  If anyone has any ideas on just statically linking the BerkeleyDB
( and Openssl ( libraries, that would be cool.
Since this is hour 23 in the office my mind has stopped functioning at a
high enough level to know if this is 1) feasible and 2) something I already
know how to do.

Thanks and apologies for the rambling.

On Fri, Dec 28, 2001 at 08:24:14AM -0500, Andrews, Martin wrote:
> What exactly is the failure? I tried a quick relink on my redhat 7.2 box but
> could not find all the static libraries I needed (-lnss_nis). Are you sure
> you have static versions of all the libraries cfengine uses?
> In general this sounds like a dangerous idea - much has changed between 6.x
> and 7.x and taking code compiled from newer OSes is always likely to fail.
> Can't you put together a quick 6.2 box (we were just selling off a bunch of
> pentium pro PCs like the ones I use for linux builds for $50 a pop...)?
> Martin

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