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Re: Need assistance in determining if an rpm is installed

From: Hugo Gayosso
Subject: Re: Need assistance in determining if an rpm is installed
Date: 17 Jan 2002 14:47:34 +0500
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Alexander Mattausch <address@hidden> writes:

> RPM does not install packages twice. It may be easiest for you just to
> have a directory in which you copy all the packages that have to be
> installed on a machine, and
> shellcommands: linux:: "/bin/rpm -Uhv
> /PCgsts001/pc/software/linux/*.rpm"

Another idea:

If you have a common software repository where you might have
different versions of the packages, you might want to try:

      "/bin/rpm -U http://$(software_repository)/RH7.2/gd-1.8.4-4.i386.rpm"
      "/bin/rpm -U 
      "/bin/rpm -U 

> does this for you. With this you can even upgrade packages without
> editing your cfengine files just by copying it into this
> directory.

Yep, the way I do it requires to update cfengine files, but that can
be considered a feature in the environment I run it, let me explain:

The cfengine config files are managed via CVS so if you want to
install something you have to copy the rpm to the repository directory
and then you have to update the cfengine config files when you do that
you have to commit your changes if you want them to be propagated to
production machines.  When you commit, you type your log message and
an email is sent to all the sysadmins and everybody is notified about
the new software that was installed.

So, it is just another idea on how to do things.

> You only have to keep attention that there is only one version of a
> package in this directory and that the dependencies are satisfied
> (maybe a --nodeps in the command line may help).

I advice to NOT use "--nodeps" unless you know exactly what you are
doing, and I will definitely not advice to use "--nodeps" as the
default in an automated procedure.

Again, just my $0.02

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Hugo Gayosso
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