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Re: Censoring configuration files

From: Geert Stappers
Subject: Re: Censoring configuration files
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 01:42:16 +0100

At 15:48 +0100 1/22/02, Ronan KERYELL wrote:
>A meta-problem about using tools such as cfengine, FAI, JumpStart,... :
>many people
>ask me my configuration files but they contain of course many passwords, PPP
>accounts, etc. :-(
>So I'm looking for a good way to automate the publication of my config
>file AND censoring sensitive information...
>Any idea for an elegant way ?
>To add some mark-up in config files ? But not always safe for the
>application ?
>To add an abstract description of each file describing what to overide ?
>< Insert your good idea here :-) >

make a copy of the config dir in a publish directory
censor the publish directory
make a diff
MARKER:continue your work in the config dir
make a copy of the config dir in a publish directory
apply the diff ( patch )

>Thank you,

It is just a Q&D idea


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