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Re: Patching Solaris machines with cfengine

From: Katherine Morris
Subject: Re: Patching Solaris machines with cfengine
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 09:28:07 -0500

If you're talking about applying OS patches, I wouldn't recommend automating
this in general.  Your Solaris versions are foreign to me since I run mostly
2.5.1 up through 8 and am currently evaluating 9.  I don't know Linux yet,
so maybe that's where the disconnect is...

However Solaris OS patches in general require some knowledge about what
you're patching and why, reading the README's is highly advisable prior to
patching as well.  Sun's not perfect either, and some patches break
things... it would be terrible to break everything at once! There's also
potential user intervention involved if you apply a patch which requires you
to reboot your systems.  Particularly if you have any slack-ass admins you
work with that don't update configuration files after they make changes on
the fly and should be fired. (vent)

If you're using "patch" in a more general sense, we're basically using it
for security fixes/changes.


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From: "Didier CONTIS" <address@hidden>
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Sent: Monday, January 28, 2002 12:06 PM
Subject: Patching Solaris machines with cfengine

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> Hi,
> I was wondering how people are patching their Solaris systems using
> cfengine.
> Which tool combined with cfengine works the best.
> I am starting to deploy 2.0.a16. Most of Solaris systems are however
> still running 1.6.x
> I am already doing that under Linux using autoupdate + cfengine.
> Thanks in advance for any feedback.
> Regards - Didier.
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