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Re: macros from modules set too late?

From: Adrian Phillips
Subject: Re: macros from modules set too late?
Date: 01 Feb 2002 10:35:58 +0100
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>>>>> "Bas" == Bas van der Vlies <> writes:

    Bas> Adrian, Something off topic. I see that you regular post

Its not really off-topic as far as I can see, it is cfengine after all

    Bas> fixes for 1.6.3. Other people have also contributed some
    Bas> fixes. Now the only maintened version is 2.0 and nothing is
    Bas> done for 1.6.3. Mark just a thought can we not collect the
    Bas> patches for 1.6.3 in a ftp directory on I
    Bas> think a lot of people are still using 1.6.3, because this is
    Bas> the last stable version for a lot of platforms.

I let the Debian maintainer collect them. I normally send them here
and to the Debian bug tracking system and the (Debian) maintainer for
cfengine is very good at releasing new versions rather quickly, thanks
go to him for that. If you're interested in them grab the source
package from :

In the debian/patches directory are the various patches that he and
others (inclduing me) have sent in; there are some that are packaging
only patches but they are failry obvious,

That should be a good start for somebody to start with.

As another aside I'm looking at migrating the 1.6.3 Debian packaging
to 2.0 - has any one managed this yet to save me time (typical lazy
programmer type :-) ?


Adrian Phillips

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