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Re: macros from modules set too late?

From: Bas van der Vlies
Subject: Re: macros from modules set too late?
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2002 10:51:54 +0100 (MET)

On 01-Feb-2002 Adrian Phillips wrote:
>>>>>> "Bas" == Bas van der Vlies <> writes:
>     Bas> Adrian, Something off topic. I see that you regular post
> Its not really off-topic as far as I can see, it is cfengine after all
>     Bas> fixes for 1.6.3. Other people have also contributed some
>     Bas> fixes. Now the only maintened version is 2.0 and nothing is
>     Bas> done for 1.6.3. Mark just a thought can we not collect the
>     Bas> patches for 1.6.3 in a ftp directory on I
>     Bas> think a lot of people are still using 1.6.3, because this is
>     Bas> the last stable version for a lot of platforms.
> I let the Debian maintainer collect them. I normally send them here
> and to the Debian bug tracking system and the (Debian) maintainer for
> cfengine is very good at releasing new versions rather quickly, thanks
> go to him for that. If you're interested in them grab the source
> package from :
> In the debian/patches directory are the various patches that he and
> others (inclduing me) have sent in; there are some that are packaging
> only patches but they are failry obvious,
> That should be a good start for somebody to start with.
> As another aside I'm looking at migrating the 1.6.3 Debian packaging
> to 2.0 - has any one managed this yet to save me time (typical lazy
> programmer type :-) ?
> Sincerely,
> Adrian Phillips

 I'm also using Debian Linux. I did not know that he collected the patches. Then
 I grab that version and compile it for the other platforms (Irix, Solaris, Aix)
 We still using 1.6.3 on a lot of machines.

 The same situation here. We have not build a deb package for cfengine 2.0.
 The most programmers are a little bit lazy ;-)

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