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Serious problem with module variables not being defined

From: Adrian Phillips
Subject: Serious problem with module variables not being defined
Date: 05 Feb 2002 10:35:26 +0100
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[ I've hopped upto 2.0.a16 now but I believe the same problem exists in

If you run cfagent twice in succession perhaps using -D to define
different actions then the following may appear (using -v) :-

cfengine:smtp2: Too soon for actionseq.module_definfo (0/1 minutes elapsed)
Job start time set to Tue Feb  5 08:56:08 2002

The problem for me is I define some important variables in
module:definfo and if I run the following sequence :-

- cfagent -Dupdate  (updates the cfengine configuration)
- cfagent           (does the rest)

I find some important files suddenly containing incorrect
information (e.g. ${boot_partition} suddenly appears in Grub's
menu.list instead of the value of the boot_partition variable which is
defined in module:definfo).

I think the modules should always be allowed to be run although I
don't suppose everyone will agree with that. Other suggestions ? 

I'll work out a patch for myself, and post it and several other
patches I have after moving from 1.6 to 2.0 when its ready


Adrian Phillips

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