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cfrun fixes and changes

From: Bas van der Vlies
Subject: cfrun fixes and changes
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 12:40:01 +0100 (MET)

This is for cfengine-1.6.3 (but 2.0a15 has the same cfrun.c file).

I have made the following changes to cfrun.c:
  -) I got some output but not all the output of a client.
     Fixed it. 

  -) When running cfrun it displays "connection to host <hostname>"
     now it also display "connection <hostname> done". It was
     "connection done..". Now we can easily check which hosts are

  -) The last and most difficult one. For our beowulf cluster
     we have an firewall and behind the firewall are all the
     nodes with a private IP-range. I want to update the nodes
     from a central host. I know i can do a two stage configuration.
     First to the firewall and then from the firewall to the nodes.

     But we already use SNAT (Source Network Address Translation) and 
     DNAT (Destination ...) for the nodes. With DNAT you can say that socket 
     22000 on the firewall is routed to <node-name>:5308. DNAT gives
     use the possibilty to update the nodes from a central server in one
     step instead of two.

     I have made some changes to cfrun.c that can handle the optional
     port command. If the port command is given cfrun uses this to
     connect to the client instead of the default (5308) one.

     Here is an example (cfrun.hosts):
    port=22000 -DNis

    This connect to:
     1) node1 with standard port
     2) node2 with port 22000 and extra options -DNis
     2) node2 with port 22000

This are the fixes/changes i have made to cfrun.c. It is tested on
Debian Linux, IRIX and AIX.

The diff is just as big as the new cfrun.c. So the attachment is the
new cfrun.c file instead of a diff.

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