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RE: cfrun fixes and changes

From: Bas van der Vlies
Subject: RE: cfrun fixes and changes
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 15:34:09 +0100 (MET)

This is a repost of the fixes and changes i have made for cfrun. This
is new patch is better implemented then the last one. The changes/fixes
are smaller so i can send the patch file as attachment.

I will also port it to 2.0 series.


On 06-Feb-2002 Bas van der Vlies wrote:
> This is for cfengine-1.6.3
> I have made the following changes to cfrun.c:
>   -) I got some output but not all the output of a client.
>      Fixed it. 
>   -) When running cfrun it displays "connection to host <hostname>"
>      now it also display "connection <hostname> done". It was
>      "connection done..". Now we can easily check which hosts are
>      done.
>   -) The last and most difficult one. For our beowulf cluster
>      we have an firewall and behind the firewall are all the
>      nodes with a private IP-range. I want to update the nodes
>      from a central host. I know i can do a two stage configuration.
>      First to the firewall and then from the firewall to the nodes.
>      But we already use SNAT (Source Network Address Translation) and 
>      DNAT (Destination ...) for the nodes. With DNAT you can say that socket 
>      22000 on the firewall is routed to <node-name>:5308. DNAT gives
>      use the possibilty to update the nodes from a central server in one
>      step instead of two.
>      I have made some changes to cfrun.c that can handle the optional
>      port command. If the port command is given cfrun uses this to
>      connect to the client instead of the default (5308) one.
>      Here is an example (cfrun.hosts):
>     -DNis
>     This connect to:
>      1) node1 with standard port
>      2) node2 with port 22000 and extra options -DNis
>      2) node2 with port 22000
> This are the fixes/changes i have made to cfrun.c. It is tested on
> Debian Linux, IRIX and AIX.
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