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Re: Starting Daemons

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: Starting Daemons
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 10:36:51 -0500
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"Brian E. Seppanen" <> writes:

> I have a need for using cfengine to restart a daemon that will make my 
> life so much easier.    Unfortunately when cfengine runs the init script 
> as part of the shell commmands the script won't let go of the terminal, or 
> doesn't properly daemonize.  The daemon will not accept signals.   I'm not 
> sure what exactly the problem is.   This mean my update stops at the 
> first host and proceeds no further.
> This article seemed to some possible means of correcting this, 
> but placing 
> echo "cfengine-die"
> echo 
> in the initscript did not seem to help, unless it was intended to go 
> somewhere else.   
> How have others gotten around this?   Would this be fixed in the next 
> release, and might it be worthwhile to upgrade just for that?

Well, "cfengine-die" works for me in a production environment.  What
version of cfengine are you using (I use 1.6.2 and .3)?  Can you post
the script itself, or at least the relevant parts?  Have you tried the
useshell option?

Take a look at

and you'll see the explanation of why non-forking daemons don't work
too well with cfengine 1.6.3 and earlier.  I don't know about the 2.0
releases, as I haven't had the time to test them in our environment.
>From the 2.0 documentation on the web site, it doesn't look like the
current 2.0 release is very different in regards to non-forking


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