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Re: Starting Daemons

From: Adrian Phillips
Subject: Re: Starting Daemons
Date: 14 Feb 2002 14:47:53 +0100
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>>>>> "Brian" == Brian E Seppanen <> writes:

    Brian> hello: I have a need for using cfengine to restart a daemon
    Brian> that will make my life so much easier.  Unfortunately when
    Brian> cfengine runs the init script as part of the shell
    Brian> commmands the script won't let go of the terminal, or
    Brian> doesn't properly daemonize.  The daemon will not accept
    Brian> signals.  I'm not sure what exactly the problem is.  This
    Brian> mean my update stops at the first host and proceeds no
    Brian> further.

Which OS is this ? Anyway, I've had the same problem with the NFS
kernel server under Linux. There are many ways of working around this,
a little perl script that runs the daemon is one way. Here is one
daemonize subroutine I found using google. There are probably others.

sub daemonize {
    chdir '/'                 or die "Can't chdir to /: $!";
    open STDIN, '/dev/null'   or die "Can't read /dev/null: $!";
    open STDOUT, '>>/dev/null' or die "Can't write to /dev/null: $!";
    open STDERR, '>>/dev/null' or die "Can't write to /dev/null: $!";
    defined(my $pid = fork)   or die "Can't fork: $!";
    exit if $pid;
    setsid                    or die "Can't start a new session: $!";
    umask 0;

Oh, and this isn't a cfengine problem, its the daemons.


Adrian Phillips

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