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Possible bug in cfenvd.c

From: Rune Mossige
Subject: Possible bug in cfenvd.c
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 15:42:54 +0100
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Trying cfengine-2.0.a23 on a Solaris2.6 box revealed a possible bug.

After cfenvd had been running for a while (an hour or so), we noticed
that it was using a huge amount of memory.

We then forced a core dump, and ran it via gdb, and this showed that it
stopped in line 767:
767        for (sp = ip->name; sp != '\0'; sp++)

This, to us, did not look correct. We supposed that this should be
using 'for (sp = ip->name; *sp != '\0'; sp++)' instead. We made this
change, re-compiled cfenvd.c, and it have now been running for several
hours without consuming any abnormal cpu time.

A diff show:

diff cfenvd.c cfenvd.c-DIST
<    for (sp = ip->name; *sp != '\0'; sp++)
>    for (sp = ip->name; sp != '\0'; sp++)

If this really is a bug, we would like to see this fixed in the next
beta release.

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