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Doc error?

From: Alexander Jolk
Subject: Doc error?
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 13:13:31 +0100

Quoting from cfengine-Reference.texinfo, line 6640ff.:

@item useshell=@var{true/false/dumb}
When restarting processes, cfengine normally uses a shell to
interpret and execute the restart command. This has inherent
security problems associated with it. If you set this option to
true, cfengine executes restart commands without using a shell.
This is recommended, but it does mean that you cannot use any
shell operators or features in the restart command-line.

This is certainly backwards, isn't it?  (useshell=false means not to use
a shell, I hope.)

Later in the same file, line 6661ff.:

  matches=<6  # warn number of matches is greater than or equal to 6
  matches=1   # warn if not exactly 1 matching process
  matches=>2  # warn if there are less than or equal to 2 matching
@end smallexample

Does `matches=<6' means `less than or equal', in which case it would
warn starting from 7 processes only?


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