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cfkey key authentication

From: Tristan Gulyas
Subject: cfkey key authentication
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 12:58:16 +1100

G'day all.

I'm having a few issues trying to get my head around this whole cfrun
cfkey thing (or more to the point, why I fail to be able to get it to

When I run cfrun, I get the following:

cfrun(0):         .......... [ Hailing <client> ] ..........
Accepting public key <client>
<server>: Key-authentication for <server> failed

In syslog of the client:

Mar 18 12:53:15 ns0a cfservd[1372]: Host authorization/authentication
failed or access denied 
Mar 18 12:53:15 ns0a cfservd[1372]: From


However, for some reason, one server decides to work now...

any ideas/pointers?



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