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cfservd start problems

From: Frank Smith
Subject: cfservd start problems
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 13:54:58 -0600

Platform: debian linux (2.4.2 kernel)
cfengine version: 2.0.0

This is my first attempt at setting up cfengine, and I have read the
documentation (although I may have missed something).  My CFINPUTS
is set to /var/cfengine/inputs, which contains the config files
cfagent.conf, cfservd.conf, and update.conf.  I successfully ran
cfkey and have localhost.priv and keyfiles. I am
able to run cfenvd and have it stay running.

Running cfservd manually just immediately returns my shell prompt, with
no cfservd processes running.  All it logs to syslog is:

Mar 22 13:14:28 hoovers-59 hoovers-59[30707]: cfservd Multithreaded version
Mar 22 13:14:28 hoovers-59 hoovers-59[30707]: cfservd starting Fri Mar 22 
13:14:28 2002

Running it under strace indicates it is segfaulting, but I can't figure out
why.  Attached is the strace -f cfservd  output in case that helps.

On a probably related note, if I run cfagent -p -v, it displays some info,
sleeps for awhile, prints more info, and exits.  If I just run cfagent -v
it prints some info, sleeps, returns:
Job start time set to Fri Mar 22 13:34:40 2002

Update Sched: copy pass 1 @ Fri Mar 22 13:34:40 2002

Segmentation fault

I suspect it may just be unable to talk to cfservd (although a segfault
is not a clean way to handle it) since cfservd won't run, but it may
be the same problem cfservd has, since it also segfaults after a munmap

If anyone has any ideas on what to check, I'd appreciate it.


Frank Smith                                      
Systems Administrator                                     Voice: 512-374-4673
Hoover's Online                                             Fax: 512-374-4501

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