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FreeBSD vs. Linux on IPv4 based Defined Classes

From: Juha Ylitalo
Subject: FreeBSD vs. Linux on IPv4 based Defined Classes
Date: 03 Jun 2002 16:20:06 +0300

When I compare "cfagent -qv" printouts from cfengine 2.0.2 (FreeBSD port
from my cvsweb) on FreeBSD 4.5-RELEASE and RedHat Linux 7.2, I noticed
interesting different. Linux system defines all kind of IP based groups,
while FreeBSD system doesn't define any of those. Any chance that
FreeBSD would also start defining those IP based groups in future?

Here are slightly customized printouts (removed hostname related groups
from list)
Defined Classes = ( any Monday Hr16 Min08 Min05_10 Q1 Hr16_Q1 Day3 June
Yr2002 freebsd 32_bit freebsd_4_5_RELEASE i386 freebsd_i386
compiled_on_freebsd4_5 Users_high_normal RootProcs_high_dev1
UserProcs_high_dev1 DiskFree_low_normal ssh_out_high_dev1
telnet_in_high_normal pin-dp4 pin-53 pin-4266 pin-4321 pin-3506 pin-3508
pin-3520 pin-25 pin-23 pin-3528 NameServers NTPServers )

Defined Classes = ( any redhat redhat_7 redhat_7_2 Monday Hr16 Min10
Min10_15 Q1 Hr16_Q1 Day3 June Yr2002 linux 32_bit linux_2_4_9_32_Linox
i686 linux_i686 linux_i686_2_4_9_32_Linox
compiled_on_linux_gnu 172_21_200_20 172_21_200 ipv4_172_21_200_20
ipv4_172_21_200 ipv4_172_21 ipv4_172 Users_low_dev1 RootProcs_low_normal
UserProcs_high_dev1 DiskFree_high_normal ssh_in_high_dev1 Jylitalo )

Juha Ylitalo       address@hidden           <work e-mail>
+358 40 562 6152  <public www>
"Some tools are used, because its policy, others because they are good."

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