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Re: FreeBSD vs. Linux on IPv4 based Defined Classes

From: Mark . Burgess
Subject: Re: FreeBSD vs. Linux on IPv4 based Defined Classes
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 15:23:03 +0200 (MET DST)

This is supposed to happen on all systems, so I shall have to find
out why it doesn't. Any help you can provide would be useful. It
might have something to do with a non-standard net interface...?
I'm just guessing. Toomuch to do at the moment, but in a couple
of weeks I can look at it,


On  3 Jun, Juha Ylitalo wrote:
> When I compare "cfagent -qv" printouts from cfengine 2.0.2 (FreeBSD port
> from my cvsweb) on FreeBSD 4.5-RELEASE and RedHat Linux 7.2, I noticed
> interesting different. Linux system defines all kind of IP based groups,
> while FreeBSD system doesn't define any of those. Any chance that
> FreeBSD would also start defining those IP based groups in future?
> Here are slightly customized printouts (removed hostname related groups
> from list)
> FreeBSD:
> Defined Classes = ( any Monday Hr16 Min08 Min05_10 Q1 Hr16_Q1 Day3 June
> Yr2002 freebsd 32_bit freebsd_4_5_RELEASE i386 freebsd_i386
> freebsd_i386_4_5_RELEASE
> freebsd_i386_4_5_RELEASE_FreeBSD_4_5_RELEASE__0__Mon_Jan
> compiled_on_freebsd4_5 Users_high_normal RootProcs_high_dev1
> UserProcs_high_dev1 DiskFree_low_normal ssh_out_high_dev1
> telnet_in_high_normal pin-dp4 pin-53 pin-4266 pin-4321 pin-3506 pin-3508
> pin-3520 pin-25 pin-23 pin-3528 NameServers NTPServers )
> Linux:
> Defined Classes = ( any redhat redhat_7 redhat_7_2 Monday Hr16 Min10
> Min10_15 Q1 Hr16_Q1 Day3 June Yr2002 linux 32_bit linux_2_4_9_32_Linox
> i686 linux_i686 linux_i686_2_4_9_32_Linox
> linux_i686_2_4_9_32_Linox__1_Tue_Mar_12_18_49_54_EET_2002
> compiled_on_linux_gnu 172_21_200_20 172_21_200 ipv4_172_21_200_20
> ipv4_172_21_200 ipv4_172_21 ipv4_172 Users_low_dev1 RootProcs_low_normal
> UserProcs_high_dev1 DiskFree_high_normal ssh_in_high_dev1 Jylitalo )

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