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Re: device not configured

From: Rajeev Agrawala
Subject: Re: device not configured
Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 12:08:16 -0400
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address@hidden wrote:
I would recommend trying out cfengine version 2.0.2 and see if the
problem is fixed there, before doing anything else. You should be
able to just compile it an run it without necessarily installing
it at this time.


Yes the problem is fixed in version 2.0.2. I think the problem was in calculating size of struct ifreq in freebsd which got fixed by following piece of code in nameinfo.c

/* FreeBSD has size macro defined as ifreq is variable size */
#define SIZEOF_IFREQ(x) sizeof(struct ifreq)

Should I apply a suitable patch to cfengine-1.6.3, as I am not ready to go to version 2.0.2 yet as it seems a lot has changed between 1.6.3 and version 2.



On 31 May, Rajeev Agrawala wrote:

I did some further troubleshooting for this and running in debug mode gets following suspicious output:

Found: 28 interfaces
Interface 1: fxp0
Host information for not found
Interface 2: gø
myhost: No such network device
myhost: ioctl: Device not configured

The machine has only 2 interfaces. so I don't know where is it getting 28 interfaces also I don't know where is the IP address coming from. INterface 2 is wrong. It looks like there is some structure mismatch in freebsd and vfengine code.

Has anyone else seen this. Is there a patch to fix this.



Rajeev Agrawala wrote:


I am using cfengine 1.6.3. on freebsd 4.2. WHen I run cfengine --parse, I get

% /opt/cfengine/sbin/cfengine --parse
myhost: No such network device
myhost: ioctl: Device not configured
myhost: (CFINPUTS is set to <nothing>)
myhost: Can't open file cfengine.conf

I get the error message about 'no such network device', whether or not I provide a cfengine.conf file. I was earlier using cfengine-1.4.15 without any problem

WHat could be causing this error.



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