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Re: List of cfengine users

From: Jerry Christopher
Subject: Re: List of cfengine users
Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 08:05:53 -0700
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Applied Micro Circuits Corporation
- in production use for over 4 years
- now administering over 350 Solaris 7, 8 systems across 9 US locations
- cfengine will also be used on Linux systems now being deployed
- majority of systems are engineering workstations, several infrastructure type servers, and a handful of enterprise application servers - used for change management and implementation/maintenance of network services (DNS, DHCP, NTP, FLEXlm, Jumpstart) - the value of Cfengine is realized by the entire staff up to the Director level; we are always on the lookout for more ways to automate tasks using cfengine.


Jerry Christopher

address@hidden wrote:

Hi Mark,

for an internal use only presentation, I need some stats on the use of
cfengine around the world (name of some significant companies, number and
type of "cfengine'd" systems, what is cfengine used for, ...).
I need these informations to convince my chiefs of the real interest of
cfengine, and that I'm not throwing our company into a deadend with that

Thanks for you help

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