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Variables in editfiles, setline

From: Rune Mossige
Subject: Variables in editfiles, setline
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 12:27:47 +0200
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I want to use a variable in an editfiles section, but using setline 
apparently does not allow variables...

I want to appent a crontab entry, where the minute field is calculated 
earlier in a module. I only want to append this crontab entry if a 
similar entry does not exist....I have tried:

  { /etc/crontab
      SetLine "$(MINUTE) 4,5,8,9,12,13,16,17 * * * root 
      AppendIfNoLineMatching ".*rsync_computenodes.*"

but then cfengine complains with:
Wildcards cannot be used in this context: 
cfengine:GST0H5::Execution terminated after parsing due to errors in 

How can I get around this? I am using 2.0.1.

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