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Failover redundancy in policyhosts

From: Paul Paradise
Subject: Failover redundancy in policyhosts
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 15:27:22 -0700
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Hi all,

I'm looking at the feasibility of a cfengine distribution across about
1000 Solaris 6-8, HPUX 10.20-11i, and Linux machines. With a network
of this size we're specifically looking at some form of redundant
policyhost ability.

While it's easy to distribute the load by defining policyhost based on
classes and using a splay time, we're planning on distributing a lot
of files via the copy action from a remote server, but we'd like the
ability to do something like this:


    policyhost = ( copy1 copy2 copy3 )
    actionsequence = ( copy )

    /files dest=/tmp m=644 server=$policyhost

I can emulate this by assigning copyhosts to one host based on some
class and varying the host, but I want the ability to fail over to
another host in the list if the client cannot connect to the server.


 Paul Paradise                                  address@hidden
 Interim Engineering Intern, QUALCOMM Incorporated       858.651.6655
 IT Host Services                                             AE-205C

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