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Re: Pascal

From: pa_sav
Subject: Re: Pascal
Date: 1 Dec 2002 07:52:40 -0800

From: Pascal SAVIMBI
C/o: Residence Bada
Ivory Coast (Abidjan)
Phone : +
E-mail : address@hidden 

Dear Sir, 

I am Pascal SAVIMBI son of late Mr. George Savimbi of blessed memory. Our late 
father was the blood brother of (late)Dr. JONAS SAVIMBI leader of UNITA in our 
country ANGOLA. He was until his death a businessman based in the purchase and 
marketing of GOLD & DIAMONDS, he was attacked, shot (and latter died) when he 
was coming back from a mining site to negotiate for the purchase of some of 
these products, by unknown gunmen.

I must confess to you, that he became a successful businessman following the 
outbreak of Civil war in my country which has lasted for 20 yrs as of date in 
which his elder brother late Dr. JONAS SAVIMBI was the principal actor being 
the leader of UNITA the main Warring factor opposing the government of Angola. 
His fortune came from this advantage as he profited and extended the trade of 
illegal Diamonds & Gold from the mining areas controlled by the brother Dr. 
JONAS who covered him.

Following his assassination as he struggled to die, he confided to me certain 
documents of deposits made with different Security firms in West Africa. He 
told me of the most important deposit made with a security firm in Ivory Coast 
in my name as the beneficiary. These deposits were two (2) trunk boxes 
containing a cash sum of USD $ 13.8 M. They were registered and deposited as 
containing family valuables for safekeeping in order not to attract any 
attention to the deposits. The money derived from the sales of the 
above-mentioned products "Gold & Diamonds".

After his death - with all these documents in my possession - I decided to move 
out of the country with my junior sister (Francisca) without the notions of any 
relative to Ivory Coast in West Africa where the said deposit was made.

I would like you to help us collect these deposits from the Security firm and 
further transfer the money into your private or corporate foreign Bank account 
for investment and relocation purposes. In this regards, I hereby solicit 
unconditional assistance to help me withdraw and transfer this money to your 
base and subsequently move out of this country for investments and relocation 
purposes as mentioned above. I suggest that you guide and take control over the 
investments that we shall put forth as our parthner and guardian hence we 
strongly count on your initiatives and directives to bring this transaction to 
a success.

We have it in mind to reward you handsomely for your humanitarian and 
unconditional assistance. 

I therefore plead you to treat this transaction serious and confidential.

Let me read from you soon so that we can ascertain the next step to take. Also 
include in your return mail, your private fax and phone numbers so that I can 
contact you and send to you some deposit evidence issued to my late husband by 
the Security firm during the deposit of the said consignments.    

You can as well reach me through the above telephone number .

Feel very free to ask any question regarding any thing you wish to know from me.

Accept and extend our kind regards to your humble family while I look forward 
to receiving your prompt and positive response.

God bless you!


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