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Message From A Philippine Woman

From: Nenita Villaran
Subject: Message From A Philippine Woman
Date: Mon, 09 Dec 2002 09:24:43 +0000

ATTN : The President.

I know that this mail will come to you as a surprised.
I am sending this mail based on your wide business
accumen and your ability to invest my money into a
profitable venture for both parties benefit.

Actually I'm 59 years old lady who was formally
residing in Manila, but due to the rough situation of
the capital city called Manila I decided to move out
for safety purpose.

However, My name is Nenita Villaran married to the
former minister of finance here in Philippine who was
assassinated for been working with Joseph . E , the ex
president of Philippine . I inherited a total sum of
22 million dollars from my late husband , These money
which is concealed in a metallic trunk boxes is
deposited with a security and finance company in
Abidjan the capital of Cote d' Ivoire with instruction
to transfer the consignments to the London or Budapest
and Holland  collecting Center of the Security Company
under a secret arrangement as a family treasure which
will be collected by the friend of my late Husband
name withold.

This means that right now, the consignments are
waiting for collection by my late husband friend and,
the security company does not know the content of
these boxes which was brought from Philippine under a
diplomatic coverage.

My main purpose of sending your this mail is because
of the way I found you and perhaps trustworthy to give
this priority of Investing this money in your country
with your percentage of which we shall chat on soon .

There is need for urgent action because I'm paying
$100 dollars per day as a demurrage to the Collecting
Center of the security company for keeping these
consignments . I give thanks immensely for the
co-operation as I look forward to hear from you .

Best Regard

Madam Nenita V.

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