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Re: boot strap problem

From: Thomas Glanzmann
Subject: Re: boot strap problem
Date: 4 Jan 2003 12:29:19 GMT
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> Does anyone have an example of bootstrapping a new cfengine install. The
> problem I have is that after I install berkeleydb and cfengine, I have to
> run cfkey and then ssh this key to a master host. Problem is, I use cfengine
> for all software installs so I don't have cfengine on new hosts. I'm sure
> someone has solved this problem. It appears that cfengine has some features
> to account for the chicken and egg problem, but I thought I ask to see if
> someone has already thought of a clever solution.

I use the following procedure to run it initial with FAI (Fully Automated
Installation Debian) and Jumpstart (Solaris).

I have a tar ball with the the following in 

/var/cfengine/bin -> binaries for platform
/var/cfengine/ppkeys (key of server could be included in here)

Before I install a _new_ client I delete the keys on the cfengine file servers,
so that cfservd accepts new keys.

So I have the following in my 'LAST' script:

( cd $target; tar xfz /fai/files/cfengine.tgz )

# Generate ppkeys if not allready there
mkdir -p $target/var/cfengine/{outputs,backup,ppkeys} 
chmod 700 $target/var/cfengine/ppkeys
test -f $target/var/cfengine/ppkeys/localhost.priv || $ROOTCMD 

# Executing cfengine ... for bootstrapping
$ROOTCMD /var/cfengine/bin/cfagent -q -v

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Thomas Glanzmann  ++49 (0) 9131 85-27574   Department of Computer Science III
Martensstrasse 3  D-91058 Erlangen Germany   University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

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