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how best to maintain cf binaries for different architectures?

From: Pur A. Lux
Subject: how best to maintain cf binaries for different architectures?
Date: 10 Jan 2003 10:13:11 -0800

Hi, I'm just getting started with cfengine, and I'm wondering
what generally-accepted best way for dealing with managing the
cfengine binaries for different architectures or revisions of
an OS?

Overall, I'm still a little unclear how things are supposed to
fit together, but I see things like this in the example update.conf
in the documentation:

# Make sure there is a local copy of the configuration and
 # the most important binaries in case we have no connectivity
 # e.g. for mobile stations or during DOS attacks


<some other lines, then this:>

 $(cf_install_dir)/cfagent    dest=$(workdir)/bin/cfagent

obviously, if I'm going to be copying cfagent out to a bunch
of differing systems, I'm going to need to maintain copies of
the binaries for them on the master system.  I guess that's doable...

I guess I'm curious if that's how people do this sort of thing
in practice, or do they just maintain the cf binaries on each
class of hosts outside of cfengine?   (I mean something like
just installing cfengine as part of your regular system install
procedure, or something similar.)  And then mainly you'd just
use update.conf to send out configs, rather than binaries.

Thanks, sorry for any cluelessness.

Pur A. Lux

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