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cfengine-2.0.5pre2 Segmentation fault with editfiles

From: Jack G. Harris
Subject: cfengine-2.0.5pre2 Segmentation fault with editfiles
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 12:49:01 -0700


I have been using cfengine for around three years now, and have recently
deployed 2.0.5pre2.

All appeared to work well, until I realized that editfiles rules were
all dying with a Segmentation fault...

An example rule that has worked very well for me up tell now is listed

  { /etc/passwd
     BeginGroupIfFileExists "/etc/shadow"
     BeginGroupIfNoLineContaining "BlockedforSecurity"
     InsertLine "BlockedforSecurity"

All the edits that do not have to satisfy a condition, including classes
still work fine.  I have tested this on other conditions that are part
of the editfiles section and it is also broken for:

BeginGroupIfFileIsNewer, ForEachLineIn and ReplaceLinesMatchingField.

I read the comments about being sure that the compiles are not mixing
regex libs and includes, aand am looking at going back to recompile all
the software again, but really don't want to go down that path for all
platforms unless really necessary.  The conditionals in question are all
literal strings types, so I am not sure if this issue of regex libs
would even apply?

The problem exists on all the OS's I support, Redhat Linux, Sun Solaris
and SGI Irix.  I have already deployed the new version of cfengine, and
am really impaired by this development.

Any suggestions, thoughts or otherwise are greatly needed at this


Jack G. Harris
CCN-2 Unix Systems Support
Los Alamos National Laboratory
E-Mail: address@hidden
VOX: 505-665-4036
MS: P208


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