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Re: shellcommands and ordering

From: Bettilyon, Allen
Subject: Re: shellcommands and ordering
Date: 16 Jan 2003 12:00:20 -0700

You can control the order like this:


  actionsequence = (




- Allen

On Thu, 2003-01-16 at 04:06, Akop Pogosian wrote:
> Consider this example:
> shellcommands:
>       someclass::     
>               "/bin/command1"
>               "/bin/command2"
>               "/bin/command3"
> Suppose I want to enforce the order of the command execution the way
> it is listed above (e.g. command3 runs only after command2 which only
> runs after command1). Does cfengine automatically enforce the order of
> commands the way they are listed? Also, if two concurrent copies of
> cfengine are running, do the adaptive locks prevent the second copy
> from executing any of the commands in class someclass while the first
> copy is still running any one of the commands or do they just prevent
> the execution of the same command at the same time?
> I could, of course, pass all commands as one string to the shell (e.g.
> "/bin/command1;/bin/command2;/bin/command3") but that gets ugly for
> long command sequences. Another possibility is to do something like
> this:
> shellcommands:
>       someclass::
>               "/bin/command1"
>                       define=command1_completed
>       someclass.command1_completed::
>               "/bin/command2"
>                       define=command2_completed
>       someclass.command2_completed::
>               "/bin/command3"
> However, this involves a lot more typing and I would prefer just
> running an external shell script instead of using this case.  The more
> I think about it the more I want to just call an external script,
> specially for more complex shell scripts.
> -akop
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