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Re: defining vars based on groups

From: Adrian Phillips
Subject: Re: defining vars based on groups
Date: 21 Jan 2003 08:08:33 +0100
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>>>>> "Will" == Will Lowe <address@hidden> writes:

    Will> I have a config that's sorta like this: import: FarmA.conf
    Will> FarmB.conf apache.conf


    Will> The idea is to have $(groupsrc) be different for FarmA than
    Will> for FarmB.  So I tried doing this in FarmA.conf:

    Will> control: FarmA:: groupsrc = ( /cfengine/FarmA )

    Will> and this in FarmB.conf:

    Will> control: FarmB:: groupsrc = ( /cfengine/FarmB )

    Will> ... but it always picks up the FarmB settings.  Is there any
    Will> way to do this -- define a variable based on a group?

Um, little early still for me but guessing ..

- you need to define the FarmA/FarmB class before the import at

It works because I do this numerous places but I can't from what
you've shown here deduce what is wrong exactly.


Adrian Phillips

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