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Re: Clocks are too far unsynchronized !?

From: Yves
Subject: Re: Clocks are too far unsynchronized !?
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 21:02:37 GMT

On Thu, 06 Mar 2003 20:34:35 +0100, Manon Goo wrote:
>may be thet one ist set to MET (like Mittel Europäisch Zeitzone) on
>on to
>something ddiffernt (GMT PST ... ) do TZ=MET; export TZ ; date
>ob both machines

On Thu, 06 Mar 2003 20:34:18 +0100, Alexander JOLK wrote:
>>snc0b7: Clocks differ too much to do copy by date (security)
>>snc0b7:  Clocks are too far unsynchronized 1046784679/1046806277
>That might mean a difference of 1046806277-1046784679=21598 seconds,
>almost exactly 6 hours.
>>When I check the date on master and client at the same time:
>>cfengine client:                Di., 04. März 2003, 14:31:51
>>cfengine master:             Tue Mar  4 14:31:56 MET 2003
>>..that's only seconds
>....or so it seems.  I think your timezone on the client is wrong
>probably).  To verify, you can do `LANG=C TZ=GMT date'.

@Manon, Alex
timezone is the keyword, probable !!!
I will check it tomorrow and give feedback.

thanx for the highspeed-answers

Gruß Yves

 address@hidden am 06.03.2003

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