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OS patching via cfengine

From: Ryan Anderson
Subject: OS patching via cfengine
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 15:21:56 -0600

I'm trying to roll out OS patches to Solaris & IRIX hosts, but can't
think of a way via cfengine besides making a cfengine script that
executes a self-made shell script via shellcommands. I would like to do
as much as possible using cfengine built-ins. Here are the design
considerations I can think of:

- Should be able to check against a listing of patches, then apply only
the patches that are newer than the ones it already has
- The listing of patches to apply should be generated dynamically based
on whether a patch is in a central patch directory (so the cfengine
script doesn't need to be constantly updated for each new patch)
- Patches would reside in a central location that should be mounted
manually; ie not all hosts are in a NIS domain with an automount
location to pull from. I'd be open to using a 'copy' of all patches to
every host if this is a better design way to go

Has anyone 'invented the wheel' on this one already and willing to
share ideas or code?


Ryan C. Anderson
Unix Administrator
United Defense L.P.
desk   763.572.6684
pager  952.235.9936
mobile 612.419.9362

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