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Re: OS patching via cfengine

From: Thomas Glanzmann
Subject: Re: OS patching via cfengine
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 01:20:41 +0100
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> The FAI people (Fully Automated Installer (for Debian)) have exactly
> these issues. They have a program called fai-divert which can be
> useful to make things less interactive and doesn't rely on
> re-compiling the package.

I know. We use FAI to install our 70 Linux machines.

> Furthermore, I notice you're not setting the environment variable
> DEBCONF_FRONTEND to noninteractive, which I would advise.  See also
> debconf(7) for ways to use your local debconf repositry for a remote
> host.

I do. Have a look at the second file[1].

> Sadly, not all interactive packages use Debconf, but the number of
> aberations is reducing all the time.

The only criticial is however gpm which ends up in an endless loop when
it gets return to answer its questions.

But Debian gpm is anyway out of date and I actually need the 2.0
version. For repeating 'no IMPS/2 mice' to 'IMPS/2 mice'. So I could
maintaine a more gerneric XF86Config.



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