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Re: several questions on running cfengine

From: Mark . Burgess
Subject: Re: several questions on running cfengine
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 23:12:54 +0100 (MET)

> Path: /etc (encrypt=0)
>    Admit: 192.168.240.*,
> Path: /usr/local/apps/sbin/cfagent (encrypt=0)
>    Admit: 192.168.240.* root=
> the client is still not trusted:
> Connect to b80cw = on port cfengine
> Loaded /var/cfengine/ppkeys/
> cfengine:b80n11: Strong authentication of server=b80cw connection
> confirmed
> Checking copy from b80cw://etc/inetd.conf.nodes to /etc/inetd.conf
> cfengine:b80n11: Server returned error:  Host authentication failed. Did
> you forget the domain name?

You are still not telling us what the server says during the dialogue
with -d2. Since it is the server that is breaking off, we need to see
where it is happening.

> I put the domain name in all and every configuration file just to make
> sure cfengine wouldn't miss it. Still the cfagent on the client machine
> returns the same error with no further explaination (even in -d3). The
> internal network adapter names are in no DNS and they are not the
> hostname. They are in the /etc/hosts file:
> b80n11e

Ok. Guess that's not the whole story then.

> The /etc/hosts file it kept the same on all nodes in the cluster by
> a scp script, one of the things I hoped to be able to do with cfengine.

Might be a name lookup issue. Please send the cfservd -d2 output  from
the dialogue.

> Where else should I put the domain name or whatever to allow the copy?
> Maybe I should just run the scp with ssh authentication rather than use
> the cfengine authentication?

You are better off understanding the mechanism. This will allow you to
do more than just copy files around.


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