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Re: cfservd dying

From: Ryan Anderson
Subject: Re: cfservd dying
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 16:39:33 -0600

While I haven't done this with cfservd yet, you could wrap cfservd in
/etc/inittab with the 'respawn' option so that it will respawn the
process if it ever dies. Anyone try this with cfservd? Any problems with

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>>> Yves <address@hidden> 03/12/03 04:15PM >>>
>Subject: cfservd dying
>From: paguerlais
>Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 17:30:57 +0200
>Newsgroups: gmane.comp.sysutils.cfengine.general
>Hi all,
>it seems to me that somebody already mailed about that, but I can't
>out again that damned thread ;-)
>I'm running cfengine 2.0.4 on a RedHat 7.1 box, and trying to use
>from the same box to execute its cfagent. cfservd starts the
>with cfrun, but dies somewhat later. This happens only when cfrun is
>executed on the same box than the cfservd it must contact.
>If I run cfservd in debug mode, I can see that the authentication
>seems ok, but thereafter cfservd dies with the following messages :
>IPV4 address
>Address family was 1
>my_host.my_domain::Software failure in sockaddr_ntop
>Does somebody has already seen this ?
>Attn Mark : you used the same message (software failure in
>in two functions, sockaddr_ntop and sockaddr_pton. Perhaps you've
>to change the function name for the second one ?
Hi Patrice,
I have the same problem. My cfservd dies very often.
I tried (for the first time) "cfservd -d 2" on cfengine master:

cfservd Debug mode: running in foreground
Appending [aix]
Host IPs from NAT which we don't verify :
IP: xx.xx.82.215
Dynamical Host IPs (e.g. DHCP) whose bindings could vary over time :
Address family was 0
cfmaster::Software failure in sockaddr_ntop

and cfservd doesn't start.
If I start cfservd without options it works and ca. 800 clients contact
the cfengine master every half an hour. But as mentioned above the
cfservd dies very often (ca. every other day) without any hints in
How can I analyze it ?
Does anybody have an idea ? Is it an compiling problem ?
basic conditions:
AIX 4.3.3
cfengine v2.0.4
Gruß Yves
address@hidden am 12.03.2003

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