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Re: cfEngine as normal user?

From: Jeff Sheltren
Subject: Re: cfEngine as normal user?
Date: 04 Jun 2003 07:53:41 -0700

Hi, yes, you can run cfengine as whoever you like.  Of course, you'll
need permissions to read the input files, and to perform any commands
listed in them.  If a user, for example, just wants to run cfengine to
control files within their home directory, it can work very well.


On Wed, 2003-06-04 at 07:15, Predrag Zecevic - Support Engineer wrote:
> Hi all,
> is it possible to run cfEngine (2.0.6 ->) as "normal" user?
> I cannot see why not, but if anyone had implemented such behavior, 
> please let me know...
> Best regards ;-)

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