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Re: pass arguments to cfagent via cfexecd?

From: Will Lowe
Subject: Re: pass arguments to cfagent via cfexecd?
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 22:33:51 -0700
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> If you want no-splay in a one-off, use cfrun. That is what it is for.

Hmm, but cfrun won't mail me the output via smtpserver, will it?

I'm trying to run cfagent both out of cron and in an init script, but
I'd like it to capture and mail me the output both times, so I figured
the only way to do it was with cfexecd.

I suppose I could have the init script touch a file someplace, call
cfexecd,  and remove the file,  and then do something like this:


    splaytime = ( FileExists( /init-script-running ) )


        SplayTime = ( 15 )


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