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RE: [Infrastructures] Change Control and cfengine

From: Heilke, Rainer
Subject: RE: [Infrastructures] Change Control and cfengine
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 15:42:07 -0600

We are doing essentially what you are planning. We have a development
directory where we work on changes, etc. The files are commit'ed using a
Perl script (built long before any of us got here) accessing CVS and
requiring comments to the changes. Then, using another Perl script, the
changes get pushed out using another CVS mechanism to a production


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> Subject: [Infrastructures] Change Control and cfengine
> Thanks for replies to my earlier post on splitting cfengine 
> config files.
> Here's another question I forgot to post.  
> What's the best way to handle the change control process and 
> cfengine?  I'm
> curious what's the best way to protect your environment (and CYA) when
> updating configs.
> What I've decided to do to keep a /var/cfengine/stage and 
> /var/cfengine/prod
> directories, each with an inputs and files subdirectories.  
> Both directories
> contain checked out copies of a CVS repository.  I'm working on a perl
> script that will automate the CVS tagging of the stage 
> directory, so only
> when the a change is approved, the prod directory will 
> checkout the updated
> tagged version of the repository.
> Just seems to me that change control is an integral part to file
> distribution, and I'm curious to know how others handle this.  
> Again, TIA.
> --Rick
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