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Re: [PATCH] Many interfaces

From: Armin Wolfermann
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Many interfaces
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 12:33:26 +0200
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* Mark Burgess <address@hidden> [04.07.2003 12:23]:
> On  4 Jul, Armin Wolfermann wrote:
> > -#define bufsize 4096
> > +#define bufsize 32768
>   What is the purpose of this? This is not a good thing to do for all
>   buffers. It would be better to increase the size of a specific buffer
>   that needs to be larger.

Sorry, this was the simplest solution to get it run. The defined classes
grow to over 20 kB and it seems much more difficult (for me) to fix this
elsewhere in the code.

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