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RE: Ignoring a subdirectory

From: Ferguson, Steve
Subject: RE: Ignoring a subdirectory
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 08:11:53 -0400

Thanks for the suggestions.  As it turns out, adding this global
configuration section worked for me:




This works well, since I don't ever want to copy out my source repository.


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From: Ferguson, Steve [mailto:address@hidden
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Subject: Ignoring a subdirectory

I've got a directory of configuration files and scripts that I keep under
control of RCS, so my directory contains an RCS directory (which itself
contains *,v files).  I want the contents of this directory copied to each
of my clients, but I don't want the RCS directory.  I've added "*,v" to
prevent the actual contents of RCS from getting copied, but the directory
itself is still made.  I've tried 'recurse=0', which I figured out only
creates the directory without copying any content, and 'recurse=1', which
copies all contents _and_ creates the RCS subdirectory.

Is there some way I can prevent the RCS subdirectory from getting created by
the "copy" part of my config?  I've tried "Exclude *RCS*", but apparently
those patterns are only applied to the basename, not directory components.

To illustrate better (in case this isn't clear), I have this on my master:


I want only the inputs and scripts directories (and their files) copied, but
not the RCS directories.  I'm already able to exclude the content of the RCS
directories with either recurse=1 or Exclude *,v.


Steve Ferguson
gedas USA, Inc.

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