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Re: Strategy for "one-off" tasks

From: David Douthitt
Subject: Re: Strategy for "one-off" tasks
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 08:06:21 -0500

On Thursday, July 10, 2003, at 05:34  PM, Darren Dunham wrote:

I think the idea is "why would you need to perform a one-time-only
task"? Can you give an example of what this would be? Why would it not need to be performed if a machine were being installed? (possibly for a
conversion of somthing)?

One thing I've been thinking about for a while is some way to do a controlled roll-out, which is similar to a one-off command.

Controlled update roll-outs are making this more of a necessity. THe idea is that I can update certain machines now, more machines one week later, and more machines the week after that, until all are done. This is related to a one-time-only task in that this sort of thing would only be done periodically.

Installs also come to mind. There are certain things I don't want done all the time that are only done during an installation. If the installation requirements change (that is, a new utility needs to be installed) then I would want to install that utility once only throughout the enterprise.

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