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cfagent exclude?

From: Joseph Holland King
Subject: cfagent exclude?
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 10:49:45 -0400
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i have some 30 machines that are all solaris9 on the same subnet etc. in
the cfagent.conf file i have been identifying them as:
however, there are a few machines that i want to have a specific
configuration for which is completely seperate of the sunos_5_9 box. the
only difference in cfengine variables between the specific machine and
the normal solaris 9 machines is the host name. is there any way to get
cfagent to have the specific machine not include the sunos_5_9
configuration and just include the specific configuration? currently it
tries to include both. also i would prefer not to have it based on
hostname for the generic machines since we are gradually moving from
solaris7 to solaris9 and do not want to have to edit it everytime a
machine is upgraded. below is my cfagent.conf file:

        #splitting things up the way they should be

        sunos_5_7::     cf.s7
        sunos_5_9::     cf.s9
        bushhog::       cf.bush
        ladon::         cf.ladon
        linux_2_4_18_openmosix4::       cf.lin
        license1::      cf.lic

Joseph Holland King        

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