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problem with RSA keys on HP-UX 11

From: Jeffrey Layton
Subject: problem with RSA keys on HP-UX 11
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 13:17:46 GMT
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I just built cfEngine 2.0.7p3 for HPUX 11i, and hit a problem. When I try
to run cfagent to bootstrap my configuration, I get an error that the RSA
Exponent is too small or not odd. Here's the output from cfagent with a
-d9 flag:

LogDirectory = /var/lib/cfengine2
Loaded /var/lib/cfengine2/ppkeys/localhost.priv
Loaded /var/lib/cfengine2/ppkeys/
cfengine::/var/lib/cfengine2/inputs/update.conf:RSA Exponent too small or not 

The keys for this host were created using cfkey. Any ideas what might be

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jtlayton AT poochiereds DOT net

-- Jeff

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