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Re: pb with rotate in

From: Pierrick PONS
Subject: Re: pb with rotate in
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 16:37:16 +0100

> This is incorrect. Cfengine copies the data to a new file and
> truncates the current file to zero size so that writes
> are unaffected.

Are you sure ?

Here :

You can read :

    filename  rotate=4

then cfengine renames the file concerned by appending `.1' to it and a new, 
empty file is created in its place with the same owner and permissions. The 
next time disable is executed `.1' is renamed to `.2' and the file is renamed 
`.1' and a new empty file is created with the same permissions. Cfengine 
continues to rotate the files like this keeping a maximum of four files. This 
is similar to the behaviour of syslog.

so I think cfengine behaves like a mv and then a touch . And I have problem 
because my script is still writting to the old log file, not on the new empty 

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