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Re: New packages: feature

From: Alexander Jolk
Subject: Re: New packages: feature
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 10:10:52 +0100


> Do you
> think it'd be better to gather a list of packages to be installed and
> run the command in one go, or run the command for each package?  

I know that rpm is too stupid to sort out dependencies; in my hand-made
scripts, I had to make sure everyhting got passed on the command line in
one go.  (Everybody's not yet apt out there...)

Why don't you use some kind of place holder in the install command? 
SOmething like
DefaultInstallCommand = ( /sbin/apt-get install %p )
where %p expands to a single package to install, or
DefaultInstallCommand = ( /sbin/rpm -i %P )
where %P expands to the list of all packages to install?


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