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Re: Scalable remote config

From: skaar
Subject: Re: Scalable remote config
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 14:55:44 -0500
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* Lance Albertson (address@hidden) [031115 19:33]:
> Ok, here's the senario:
> Have an application that has one configuration file. All the remote
> boxes have a 'default' set of values in the config file I want to keep
> in one file. But the other part of the file is host dependant. I tried
> using editfiles with InsertFile to append two files and create a new
> config file. I then realized that editfiles does not support copying to
> remote boxes. 
> One way around this is to use editfiles on the local master server,
> creating appending the files there, and then using copy to distribute
> the files to the remote boxes. To me and my peers, this is an ugly way
> around our problem.
> Is there a better solution to this problem?

I actually think that cfengine do this the right way, since the edit
operation and the copy operation has very different criterias to

If you split it up and have:

  copy templates from policy host
  editfiles / InsertFile on the client side with the logic in cfengine


  masterfiles = ( /var/cfengine/masterfiles )
  inputs      = ( /var/cfengine/inputs )

# this is just one file, you will probably have a copy operation
# that copies more files at the time


  { /path/to/result.file
    InsertFile $(masterfiles)/
    ReplaceAll "TEMPLATE_VALUE" With "$(host_value);


> Thanks,
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> Lance Albertson       <address@hidden>
> Gentoo Infrastructure

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