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Re: Complications with CFExecd as a child of init

From: Mark . Burgess
Subject: Re: Complications with CFExecd as a child of init
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 07:55:52 +0100 (MET)

I have certainly seen cfexecd/cfservd hang when the binary changes
on disk, but I don't think it has anything to do with being a
child of init. Rather my guess is that it is due to page faults
in certain kernels causing a mismatch between memory mapped
code and disk code. This has been a problem with linux for
a while.

I use the update.conf script to kill and restart these daemons
every time the binaries are updated from /usr/local/sbin
to /var/cfengine/bin


On 19 Nov, Russell Adams wrote:
> I'm having issues with using cfexecd as a direct child of init, I
> thought I'd share to get some feedback.
> My systems boot into runlevel 3, and as a final step in their rc
> files, telinit to runlevel 5.
> CFExecd is defined for runlevel 5 only, to run and supervise the
> system after all the user resources are available and running.
> # CFEngine
> cf:5:respawn:/var/cfengine/bin/cfexecd -g
> The problems I've been experiencing are that when update.conf updates
> itself or cfengine.conf remotely, cfexecd may still be hanging onto an
> outdated copy of the file. I've had to kill cfexecd to fix this. I
> believe this behavior was the cause of my signal issues with 2.0.8p1
> as well.
> Secondly, I can't update my cached copy of cfexecd in
> /var/cfengine/bin, cfagent complains the file is busy because cfexecd
> is running.
> So, I've been considering having cfagent kill cfexecd every time it
> runs to force it to regenerate and perhaps allow me to copy over
> it. However I'm unclear as to whether that will kill the current
> cfagent, and it seems so heavy handed...
> Is anyone else using cfexecd as a child of init and have any input?
> I don't use cron to run cfexecd because I want cfengine to monitor the
> processes I require running on my system, and if cron dies, the
> monitoring stops. Hence my desire to make cfexecd a respawning child
> of init to ensure its always running.
> Russell
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