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Resolve and purging

From: Chip Seraphine
Subject: Resolve and purging
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 10:22:22 -0600
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The docs list this as a feature, so I'm sending this grumble to help- instead 
of bugs-.

The resolve: section really needs some sort of purge attribute.  The syntax of 
it make it very nice for maintaining the resolver, but it's inability to 
remove lines make it impractical; you end up having to use editfiles: or 
copy: instead.  Editfiles is clumsy for maintaining entire files and copy: 
isn't a good choice when your basic assumption is that your network 
configuration is hosed.

Before I go about writing/submitting a patch with a 'PurgeResolver' variable, 
is there a known reason why it (currently) won't delete lines?  I agree that 
it is reasonable default behavior, but making it mandatory severely limits 
the usefulness of resolve: to environments where old DNS servers never get 
decommissioned, nobody every makes typos, DNSs are never re-IP'd, etc.  This 
makes me think that the thinking behind this limitation is grounded in 
reasons other than technical, so I'd like to get some clarification lest I 
submit a patch that will just be shot down....

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