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new RPMs not getting installed

From: Harish Chauhan
Subject: new RPMs not getting installed
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 13:09:50 -0500


I am facing a typical problem. The new RPMs deployed in the folder are not recognized by the shell commands. For example if I have one rpm in the folder, it gets installed when update.conf gets executed. Later if I  I add some more RPMs, the update.conf can't find them so they are not getting installed.

I have an entry for shellcommands in the "update.conf" as shown below:


                "/bin/rpm -Uvh /{rpm_path}/RPMS/* "

                "cfexecd restart /opt/cfengine/bin/cfexecd"


Looking forward to your reply...

Thanks in advance.                        
regards, Harish Chauhan

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